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Professional mixed martial artist Don "Magic Man" Madge and expert boxing coach Matthew Leisching are the co-owners of Madfit which they founded together in 2015.  Don and Matt first begun their journey as fighter and coach respectively.  This relationship budded into a friendship which has since evolved into a dynamic business partnership.

With over 20 years coaching experience between them, the two endeavoured to create a martial arts facility that catered to a truly diverse audience: they have since successfully created a space for every day people looking to improve on their fitness, as well as one that assists professional athletes seeking to advance their skills and careers.

Our classes are fun, intense and educational.  We focus on imparting knowledge on combat sports and fitness in a safe, positive environment where all are made to feel comfortable.

At Madfit, we are proud to offer our members the following facilities: a fully-equipped weight training zone; 20 boxing bags and boxing ring; high quality Dollar grappling mats; male and female changing rooms both equipped with showers; and our healthy, handy fully stocked cafe.

Don and Matt have also carefully selected and assembled an elite team of coaches who work at Madfit teaching open classes and offering private training sessions.

Everyone is welcome to join our community.  Let's go!

Madfit Boxing Class
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